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Boho Girl in the Spring

written by Ringo Hanasaki April 5, 2019

I always start drawing with a rough idea, and get more details while drawing. I created this illustration in the way. I just wanted to draw a girl with big eyes at first. And I came to want to give her a headband, and next two braids, then butterflies at last.

After coloring, adding some doodle on the back, and finally everything was finished up, I realized my current mood is shown in this illustration.

The mix of my Thailand mood and Japan mood.

I just came back to Japan from Thailand travel a few days ago. It was really great. I visited Chiang Mai, Pai, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island. Especially I love Phi Phi Island very much, that’s the best of all the places I’ve been to! There’re beautiful beaches, islands, wall-less restaurants, and fancy boho style shops. I still have the Phi Phi Islands vibes vividly.

And its the gentle spring in Japan now. I felt just like its the winter just after coming back, but I saw cherry blossoms were dancing with the wind and sparkling in the sun, many other kinds of flowers were blooming everywhere. Then I’ve slowly come to feel it’s surely spring.

That’s why the boho girl comes with butterflies.



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