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“Chihuahua Planet”

written by Ringo Hanasaki April 9, 2019

Do you know “Sorori, sorori” and “Dondake”?

That’s the phrase of the Japanese comedy duo “Chocolate Planet”.

One of them Osada wears Kimono, puts his one hand on his hips and stretches out one another hand forward, walks slowly, and says “Sorori, sorori”. That’s the taking off a Kabuki actor Motoya Izumi. “Sorori, sorori” is the word to express looking of someone walks slowly and quietly (we don’t use this word so often in the daily life). I’ve never seen Kabuki, so I don’t know how the originaial acting is like, but I always laugh when I see his “Sorori, sorori”.

And his partner Matsuo takes off IKKO the make-up artist who is known with the phrase “Dondake”. IKKO replaces “Dondake” to many other words like “Maboroshi (means ‘illusion’)” or “Odoroki (means ‘surprising’)” with the same tone of voice sometimes, so Matsuo also does so. That’s so funny, too.

They do “Sorori, sorori” and “Dondake” suddenly at many scenes on talk shows and comedy shows. I don’t know why, but I always can’t hold to laugh.

When I saw their “Sorori, sorori” and “Dondake” for the first time in a while, I really came to want drawing these. The humanized Chihuahua version “Chocolate Planet”. Not “Chocolate Planet”, but “Chihuahua Planet” 😉